You must do
Select one from the following reservation methods:
  1. Reserve  via email, our email address:
  2. Reserve by calling us directly at: (408)806-3886.

No matter which way you pick, it is required you to provide us the following information when making reservation:

  • The tour name and tour code (for example: C_V-WES12).
  • The departure date.
  • Number of guests and the primary guest name (if you purchase "land-only" package) or all of the passenger names needed (if you purchase "land & air" package, in that case, the "correct" name as it shown on your passport or driver license is essential).
  • Select a "pickup location"  from our pickup listing (see the "pickup location" listed on the individual tour itinerary that you just viewed. If you're not so sure at the moment, you can give it to us late on).
  • Your flight schedule in details on both ways (this is required if your tour package does include airport pickup. Make sure the flight information include airline, flight #, departure city, time and arrival city, time. If you don't know at the moment, you can also provide it  later -- but before our document issued).
  • Your contact phone number.
Please be aware that we don't accept last-minute reservation and payment. All of the payments must be received before the designated deadline, or your reservation will be cancelled.
We will reply
Once we receive your reservation request along with the above required information, we will process it immediately, we then reply you with booking status in about half hour (during normal business hours). If your booked  tour can be confirmed OK, we will  inform you with payment amount and deadline, we will also provide with details on how to make payment.

Last updated: 8/1/05